Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus costs greater than the regular S5

Just some days ago, i stated that Samsung Netherlands had officially revealed the Galaxy S5 Plus, an upgraded variant from the Galaxy S5 - though we didn’t know when along with just simply the amount the new handset could well be available. Well, now Samsung issued a press release informing us the S5 Plus would prolong sale inside the Netherlands before finished of October (thus a few weeks the newest), costing €599 unlocked. That’s about €100 more than the value from the regular S5, and this can be currently bought for around €500 inside the Netherlands.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus looks exactly like the main S5, and its particular Dutch webpage show it to possess a similar color versions : black, white, gold, and blue. The difference is usually that the newer model is powered using a Snapdragon 805 processor (not the S 801 direct from old handset), and supports faster LTE data transfers.

A smartphone that’s much like the S5 Plus, called Galaxy S5 4G+, was released earlier right now in Singapore. Currently, we don’t know if Samsung plans to launch the upgraded S5 in other markets, but we’ll let you understand whether it does.