Apple iPad mini 3 battery life falls way in need of mini 2 for some reason

Apple did not spend sufficient time announcing Apple iPad mini 3 at its new tablet presentation recently, but instead listed briefly that it must be indeed a brand new thing, and stressed the munchkin slate now has the Touch ID finger scanner. That is all that may be said relating to the mini 3, really, whenever you compare it towards the mini 2.

Apple iPad mini 3 battery life

The folks from Cupertino left the iPad mini 3 largely unchanged from its already svelte predecessor with regard to design, but included a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, meaning you'll be able to now make use of it with Apple Pay - the company's budding mobile payment system. There exists a new golden color option, and also the 32 GB model has disappeared in favor of the 64 GB one, but that is concerning this - in addition to those it sports the dimensions and silicon of their predecessor.

Imagine our surprise then, once we measured significantly shorter battery life with all the new mini 3, when compared with its predecessor. As usual, Apple does not list battery capacities, but it is not an effort to assume the juicers are identical, as is most everything else with the 2 tablets. Still, the iPad mini 3 did last about hour 5 less on our tasking battery benchmark, when compared with the mini 2, so have this planned when gunning to the Touch ID-laden version. This still means the tablet would send you with the day with average use, however you can't expect far more endurance direct from new mini 3.