Amazon Appstore now section of its Android app

Many Android users would really like to feature the Amazon Appstore on their Android handset, like a second marketplace to reach browsing in. For some, getting onto the Amazon Appstore and installing remember this is a hassle. However that shouldn't be the case any more. Amazon has made its Appstore section of its regular Android app.

Amazon Appstore now section of its Android app

When you install the Amazon app coming from the Google Play Store, open it and tap on " Shop by Departments. " Inside that section is that the complete Amazon Appstore beneath the title " Apps and Games ". The store was actually launched back on September 9th, but was finished beneath the radar.

Consistent with Amazon, besides including its Appstore, the Android app contains many millions of items that you may buy with 1-click. A lot greater than 200, 000 movies and television shows are offered to rent or buy, in addition to thirty million tunes. For people who prefer to read, there may be two million Kindle books available. And users get 5GB of free photo back-up space using Amazon Cloud Drive.

Amazon's Android app has between 50 million and 100 million installations consistent with Google Play. All those folks have full access to the Amazon Appstore meaning the Google Play Store is definitely hosting its largest competitor. This has become the main reason why Amazon has kept this quiet. In case you plan on downloading apps coming from the Appstore, you'll still got to affect the settings in your Android phone to permit it to install apps from unknown sources. Amazon may also use your browsing history along with purchases you've got made out of the net retailer, in order to make recommendations on which apps you'll probably find interesting.

With the simpler access onto the Amazon Appstore, it is going to be interesting to discover if Bezos and crew could in fact grab some market share far away from Google. Amazon does offer one paid app without cost daily, which might make its Appstore worth a look.