Mobile Phone Charger Wool Yarn

Jakarta-designer designing cable charger which if rolled wool yarn reels resemblance. Sometimes we want to charge your cell phone, but would like to use your phone as well. While existing electric plugs are located far away. There is also a charger cable size too short, and this is a problem.

But there is a concept design that makes it easy and multifunctional charger. Can to fill the power cell phones, can also be placed in the corner ornaments for space. The design was named Wool Ball or Charger, charger yarn wool. Created by Yuchen Liu, this charger has a very long cable so that it can be rolled up like a woolen yarn.

If You need a very long cable, cable ulurlah as necessary. When it's finished, the ball rolls again so that naturally forms more beautiful than the charger cable reels are at large. But be careful, roll the cord could be a problem if Your home is a pet cat. Your cat can thus be mengigitinya because it thinks the cord is a real wool yarn.