his Is The Reason Nokia Has Yet To Launch A Tablet

Singapore, KOMPAS.com — more and more vendors launched the tablet products. However, Nokia so far is consistent with the mobile phone and smartphone products. In the Nokia Connection 2011, Nokia mobile phone products and thus launch a smartphone, there has been no signs of any launch of a tablet.

Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop, in an interview with Kompas.com in the Nokia Connection 2011, Tuesday (9/6/2011), explained, "I know the tablet is very interesting. But, so far Nokia has yet to have a plan to launch a tablet. We work very carefully in the execution of the market. " Elops explains, "we have to do different things. Anyway if we look at Indonesia market, what is really interesting. "

Elop said, in many countries, the community has not yet reached by the tablet. The tablet itself is only a few products brand, while others have not been many responded. Elop says that Nokia prefer other strategies. One of them is developing mobile rates are affordable, but still could benefit more. "We recommend mobile with high capability. Then, we also recommend a dual SIM card which can be used easily, "take apart Elop.

Meanwhile, Nokia also continued to focus their efforts on innovation technology devices. Elop Express, one of his accomplishments is the introduction of the Nokia N9 in Nokia Connection today. "We do innovation. This is a form of disruptive technology. We will do continue and you will see the development of other forwards, "said Elop.

Elop admits that competition in the business of mobile devices are indeed high. However, he is confident. "Nokia is in a strong position at this time. We know a lot of challenges, but we are strong in distribution and sales. Therefore, we are very confident, "he said. In product innovation, Elop says that the product should be beautiful and useful.

In the Nokia Connection 2011, Nokia introduced several new products, including Nokia N9. In addition, there is also a dual SIM card phones, like Nokia C2-02, Siemens C2-03, and Nokia C2-06. Both will be launched this year. Nokia also plans to launch 10 device with the Symbian platform Anna in the 12 months ahead.