Avoid Crashes with Google Maps

With 11.3 million motor vehicles in the streets of Jakarta every day, car and motorcycle riders are now able to plan their trips better within the city with the help of traffic layer in Google Maps.

Now Google Maps give direct information about jamming the streets in Jakarta. This Layer can be accessed for free in Google Maps in http://maps.google.co.id and in Google Maps for Mobile. To view traffic information in Google Maps enable layer ("traffic"), its icon can be found on the top right of the Google Maps. The colors cover the way in accordance with the traffic speed relative to the speed limit road. Green means the traffic is moving fast and red or black means slow moving traffic or not moving at all.

The same information is available on Google Maps for Mobile, so that the rider can make changes to the route instantly if necessary to avoid traffic. Traffic feature also allows users to see the estimated traffic conditions at different times on certain days, and on other days during the same week based on historical data.

Dr. Elly Sinaga, Director of the Urban transport system of Bina (BSTP), Ground Transportation, the Ministry Ditjen Nexus, Wednesday (6/22/2011) say, traffic information in Google Maps is very useful to the citizens of Jakarta because they now have a tool that will help them plan their trips in the city more efficiently.