Apple Release The Cable Thunderbolt

Apple in conclusion released a super - swiftly cable Thunderbolt ( June 28 ). Currently the Thunderbolt could being obtained over the U. S. Apple Store for $ 49. The cable has a twist of 2 m reserve two connectors Thunderbolt at the two ends. In Australia You power impress it at a price of AU $ 55 or 33 pounds sterling in the United State.

 In addition to having the own accord of Thunderbolt is and capable of a speed conjugate several devices simultaneously. Device is certainly lines that collar Thunderbolt, congenerous the new MacBook Pros who showed up last February. The other good news is there is a new product from Sony which also provides port Thunderbolt. The product was either a laptop Sony VAIO Z 8. 1 inches. Will be a growing number of other products that have support for Thunderbolt.