Android Can Video Call Via Skype

Now Android users can berlega heart, because the Skype finally issued a call for video service applications Android smartphone.

Skype has a new application for Android phones. With this application, Android phones can use video call via Skype service, either with a WiFi connection or 3 g. This Skype application can be downloaded in the Android Market or at

To use it, there is a requirement. Your Smartphone should have a front camera. Not only that, this application only applies to Android 2.3 or generation on it, such as the HTC Desire's phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, the Sony Ericsson Xperia pro, or Google Nexus S.

Skype for Android had a different view. There is a main menu that can be monitored easily through your contact list. The user can easily change the profile or see the rest of the Skype credit, and can even send an SMS via the Android applications.

Neil Stevens, VP Skype says, until months ago via Skype video call service has been used as much as 30 million people.